Maximizing Your Workers’ Compensation Rate

For those with workers compensation injuries in Springfield, Joplin, or throughout Missouri, you will be likely be entitled to a lump-sum payment for the permanent effects of that injury. Permanent partial disability is based on three factors: location of the injury (e.g., shoulder, low back), percentage of disability, and the permanent partial disability rate. At… Read more


Workers’ Compensation Opt-Out Plans (NPR)

Three years ago, working halfway up a 300-foot steel tower at the LBJ Ranch, the panoramic view included the rolling green hills and meadows of the Texas Hill Country. The tower was used by former President Lyndon B. Johnson to communicate with the White House. Walker’s wife, Krystle Meloy, was 23 then. She was home… Read more

Permanent Total Disability Against the Second Injury Fund – $765,000

Client in his mid-50s injured his rotator cuff after falling on ice. The injury required two surgeries, and the case was settled with the Employer. Although the client suffered from pain due to a previous low back surgery, that condition was worsened by a fall after initial work injury. The Pitts Law Firm successfully defended… Read more