Workers’ Compensation Benefits
Types of Injuries
Permanent Total Disability

Every job is hazardous in its own way.

Whether you’re suffering from a rotator cuff tear, low back injury, or carpal tunnel syndrome, your employer and their insurer owe it to you to take responsibility for the expenses that result. Workers’ Compensation was intended to be a simple process where injured workers easily receive treatment, lost wages, and compensation for other expenses, while avoiding a lawsuit and jury trial. However, insurance companies frequently fail to provide all the medical treatment you need, blame your injury on pre-existing conditions, refuse to pay for your time off work, or extend a reasonable settlement offer once your treatment has ended.

Workers’ Compensation is a No Fault System

One common misconception: your employer does not need to be at fault for you to have a case. You and the insurance company may simply have a disagreement regarding the extent of benefits or the length of treatment. Perhaps you were denied the right to a second opinion or the insurer refused to refer you to a doctor specializing in your type of injury. Perhaps your employer and their insurer have used the wrong wage rate to determine your compensation or failed to pay for mileage to and from doctor visits.

If you’re hurt on the job in Missouri, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Report your injury, in writing, to your supervisor within 30 days.
  2. Ask your employer to provide medical treatment.
  3. Call The Pitts Law Firm. We provide strategic support to injured workers at every step in the process to ensure your best possible physical and financial recovery.

Protecting Injured Workers

Don’t let an insurance adjuster take advantage of the system and their experience to minimize the compensation you receive. With our assistance and skilled advice, we will help maximize your recovery and protect your rights. Ensure you receive the correct medical treatment and learn what settlement or award you may be entitled to. The Pitts Law Firm has 40 combined years of experience representing injured workers in Missouri. Let us handle the complicated compensation process and ensure that you receive everything you deserve.

We skillfully serve clients in Springfield and Joplin and throughout Missouri, including Branson, West Plains, and Rolla. Call The Pitts Law Firm at 417-832-8282 for a no-risk, no-cost consultation to help you move forward with your life. We ensure all filing deadlines are met, handle court appearances and paperwork, and negotiate settlements with the employer and insurer.